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Uchen script

The example of the Uchen script here shows the Mani mantra prefixed with a double heading character and single ending. Because mantras are sacred they should be placed respectfully high on the body.


High Uchen script

The word ‘loving kindness’ with the addition of a single heading character is demonstrated here in the High Uchen style. As this is a shorter line of text, this design will work well on most places of the body, especially across the inner wrist.


Tsugring script

The example here shows the words ‘cause and effect’ another term for ‘Karma’. There is an addition of a single heading character to give the design balance. The Tsugring style dose not lend well arranged vertically stacked, so it is best placed on the body horizontally.


Tsugtung script

The example translates as ‘by ones power’ with a single heading character. Because the Tsugtung is shorter in height and has long sweeping vowel signs that lay above the line of text, it lends particularly well to be vertically aligned on the body or even as a circle of text.


Tsugmakhyug script

Here the Mani mantra has been arranged repeated three times to create a symmetrical circle design, as the length of a single Mani mantra would not be enough to create a full circle.  Tsugmakhyug is adaptable for most placements on the body.


Khyug script

The example shows the phrase “this too shall pass” in a calligraphy brushed style, below which is the same phrase in a smaller Petsug script. The Khyug script style is adaptable for most placements on the body.


Petsug script

The words ‘faith, love, courage’ demonstrates here the neat compact style of Petsug, that are arranged vertically aligned each with a heading character and as the three words stacked one below each other. This script style lends well to most design arrangements on the body.


Drutsa script

A classic phrase in Tibetan ‘precious human birth’ is created in such a way to be used either horizontally or vertically aligned on the body. Another example shows the same phrase vertically staked. The Drutsa script style is adaptable for most design compositions.


Ornate Drutsa

A rendition of “Always happy” in an ornate Drutsa style, with heading character vowels and ending line are in red, however any colour can be tattooed that are available in the range of tattoo inks.


High Drutsa

The famous Mani mantra of compassion, is shown here with red heading and vowel signs adorn the regular line of text and to be placed respectfully high on the body. This style is not so suitable for vertical aligned and stacked design composition; it is best for horizontal placement as an armband, across the top of the back or on the inner forearm.


Drutsa Roundel

The words used in this design are literally “mind strength” which can be translated as “strength of will”.  A Drutsa roundel is ideal placed on the ball of the shoulder or center top of the back.


Horyig script

There are two widths of seal script, wide and narrow, these can be used to achieve the maximum design effect in regards to the placement on the body.  The images show two columns of wide script saying, “Tame your own mined” and one narrow column translating as “willpower”.


Lantsha script

The example shows a comparison of the Mani mantra in both Lantsha and High Uchen script, with corresponding heading characters and endings. Lantsha is most suited horizontally, used for sacred mantras; the sacred integrity should be upheld in appropriate placement on the body.


Wartu script

Here the Mani mantra is depicted in the Wartu script with corresponding smaller letters in the Uchen script. Wartu is most suited horizontally placed and used for sacred mantras places respectfully high on the body.


It’s easy to commission a bespoke tattoo design by Tashi Mannox. Just follow the four simple stages listed here.

Each commission includes an email consultation with Tashi and involves his rigorous and contemplative approach to calligraphy conception. It also offers an opportunity to own a unique signed and seal stamped original artwork as well as your tattoo ready design.

Please look over the Tibetan Script page and advise given on the Sacred Integrity page, this will be invaluable in helping to decide which style of script is most appealing and apt for the design you have in mind.

Artwork is shipped twice every week by Royal Mail Signed for Service, Parcels abroad are shipped Royal Mail Air Sure tracking Service. Your details will remain private and will not be used for any other commercial use or sold to a third party.


After looking over the Tibetan script styles, fill out and submit the form below. Please provide a brief description of your tattoo design requirements, it may be helpful to point out any features you have seen in previous examples of Tashi’s work. In simple terms be as clear and expressive as possible with your brief, as this clarity will help Tashi to contemplate your original calligraphy artwork.


Tashi will respond to your request with an email consultation, this is an opportunity to clarify any points and make suggestions on how he may approach the bespoke calligraphy, including a cost estimate.


When you are pleased with Tashi’s suggested approach to your design, a down payment for the agreed sum should be made to initiate the order. Please note that the minimum fee to commission Tashi is £145 GBP (Great British Pounds)


On completion of the calligraphy you will be sent the final artwork in JPG format, once approved, the personally signed and sealed original calligraphy is dispatched by post.



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Please take care when filling out the form, be sure to check over your selections and make sure any uploads include your name in the file naming.



SANSKRIT (for mantras only):


In your description mention if a single, double or triple heading character.
Vertically stacked designs are NOT applicable to Tsugring and High Drutsa script styles.
Coloured accents are not applicable to Khyug, Horyig, Lantsha and Wartu.