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Over the past seventeen years Tibetan Calligraphy artist TASHI MANNOX has provided a dedicated service through inkessential.com as a consultant and designer within the world of Tibetan tattoos.

With his increasing success as an international Tibetan Calligraphy artist, including solo Dharma-Art exhibitions, lecturing and running Tibetan calligraphy workshops, as well as publishing books and film making. Tashi Mannox rarely has the opportunity to serve as a bespoke tattoo designer. Therefore no further bespoke tattoo designs are available to commission.
Though the inkessential website here still offers valuable advice concerning tattoos in the TIBETAN SCRIPTS while addressing the importance of the SACRED INTEGRITY of mantras.

A large archive of TIBETAN SCRIPT TATTOO DESIGN has amounted as a result of Tashi’s tireless productivity.  Of which, over five-hundred of the more favoured and meaningful TIBETAN TATTOO DESIGNS are available as high resolution digital downloads, which can be easily purchased as an instant print-ready tattoo template from the Tashi Mannox online store:


The online ART & PRINT STORE not only offers a rich array of tattoo templates, but suburb quality LIMITED EDITION ART PRINTS, as well as the opportunity to purchase and own a unique ORIGINAL ARTWORK.

If you are interested in Tashi Mannox’s recent book Sacred Scripts – A Meditative Journey Through Tibetan Calligraphy, there is a special limited boxed edition AVAILABLE HERE for a short period only.