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As an active artist, Tashi demonstrates a wide output that spans the past two decades. The below links shortcut to his main gallery of works, past and current events and exhibitions, as well as his other productivity of a recent book and films.




Original art, Limited edition prints and Tattoo templates


past and future


by Planetary Collective


A meditative journey through Tibetan calligraphy


The history and scripts of the Tibetan written language

The name Tashi Mannox represents both the Eastern and Western artistic disciplines in his 30 year journey as a fine artist and calligrapher. Born British to the family name of Mannox, that originates in Celtic Ireland and appropriately translates as ‘the monastic’.  His first name Tashi was given when he became a Buddhist monk of the Tibetan Kagyu order, at the tender age of 22.

For the next seventeen-years as a monk, he apprenticed under the direction of the late Tibetan master art Sherab Palden Beru. Part of Tashi’s training was in the elaborate art of temple decoration, which is the traditionally hub for the Tibetan arts and its deep symbolism.

During His years in the monastery, Tashi entered a four-year Buddhist retreat, where he worked as a scribe, meticulously copying ancient Tibetan manuscripts. This highly disciplined training laid a firm foundation, which lead him to developed in the various forms of Tibetan calligraphy.

Since laying down his monastic robes in 2000, Tashi has built on his disciplined training and spiritual awareness, formed through years of practising meditation and Buddhist philosophy - to produce a collection of iconographic masterpieces that reveal powerful, sacred themes through the majestic images of Tibetan Buddhist iconography.

As an established artist in London, Tashi was often called upon to translate and create Tibetan calligraphy for tattoo designs. This was a surprising direction and a branch of his art career that he had not anticipated.  Being drawn into the world of tattoo, it was soon evident that there was little knowledge and few good examples of Tibetan calligraphy available, especially of sacred mantra that was becoming ever popular and replicated with lack of understanding.

In 2006 Tashi launched the first website addressing Tibetan calligraphy for tattoo design, providing a service in translation and bespoke tattoo designs. It was also an informative opportunity to publicize the appropriate use of sacred mantras on the body, and to help preserve and uphold the sacred integrity of Tibetan.

Many internationally renowned tattoo artists call upon Tashi for his expertise, as well as commissioning Tibetan calligraphy to incorporate into their own tattoo design. It is evident that Tashi’s work has contributed to a new chapter in tattoo design across the world, that is less about decorative ornamentation of the body alone, but is more in respect of a deeper meaning and yet divinely beautiful.

Tashi Mannox is recognized as one of the world’s foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphy artists. Exhibiting across the globe in London, Moscow, New York, Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates and Bhutan.

In recent years Tashi has established his home and studio near the Welsh border in Herefordshire.

To see more of Tashi’s Art and Calligraphy please visit the official web site here: